Connect your dots.

Con.doit walks you through the careful collection and analysis of electrical system data.

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Data Collection

Con.doit works with you, walking a technician or team of technicians through the collection of all of the relevant details of an electrical system, from beginning to end. With just an iPad or Android tablet and a bluetooth-connected infrared camera.

  • Single-line and equipment views allow for simple information entry.
  • Simple color-code lets you see what is complete and what still needs to be entered.
  • Ongoing validation makes sure all of the information you gathered is correct the first time.
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Data Storage

We're taking electrical systems data to the cloud and beyond.

Cloud Storage

Your information is always accessible wherever and whenever you need it.

Digital Navigation

No more thumbing through stacks of outdated and incomplete drawings.

One-Touch Data Sharing

Share your model and information with contractors, designers, or insurance adjusters with a tap of your finger.

Connect Your Dots

It's time for everything to be in one place.

Data Analysis

We've collected and stored the data. Now what?

Short Circuit Study in the Cloud

Short circuit studies ensure that your system is operating at its proper rating. Make this necessary study less tedious by reducing the touchpoints and potential for error, all while still on-site

Arc Flash Analysis Where You Are

Arc flash analysis is required by NFPA 70E every five years at a minimum. Minimize the process of gathering information for your system evaluation and running analysis as soon as you finish collection.

Bluetooth PPE Label and Panel Schedule Printing

Does your electrical equipment have up-to-date PPE labels in place? Do the panel schedules have accurate information? Print and place them without leaving the field.

Export Data to Your Favorite Analysis Software

Have analysis software you prefer? Continually access or add on to the information you’ve previously gathered and export via .xml and software plugins.

How We Can Help You

Electrical Engineers

Collect and analyze field information with one simple tool. Con.doit eliminates the time and human error involved in short circuit and arc flash analysis, leaving your free to focus on the bigger picture.

Electrical Contractors

Trying to decipher the intentions of an electrical engineer at the end of a project can be difficult. Don’t ignore the crucial task of system evaluation! Con.doit allows you to add arc flash and short circuit analysis to your list of provided services without having to hire an outside electrical engineer.

Building Owners

Feel like you have some ownership over the integrity of your electrical system. With Con.doit, you can now track changes to your building’s system, keep your records totally updated, and predict system failures before they occur.

Building Operations and Maintenance Contractors

You’re in charge of someone else’s system. Make sure you know what you’re responsible for and what condition it’s in. Keep it up-to-date with the latest arc flash information to keep your team safe and share information about the system with subcontractors, engineers, and inspectors with the touch of a button.

Insurance Companies

Insurance companies suffer from the problem of asymmetric information. The solution to this is frequent testing. Con.doit brings all the metrics required by insurance companies together, and keeps them up-to-date.


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Chief Executive Officer

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Chief Technology Officer

Sydney Batten

Director of Operations

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